Foods and Nutrition
Course Outline

First Semester

I. OSHA Guidelines
A. Government Guidelines
B. Safety and Sanitation
C. Careers

II. Operations Management
A. Standardized Methods
B. Laboratory Procedures
C. Careers

III. Nutrition
A. Food Pyramid
B. Weight Management
C. Special-needs Diets
D. Careers

IV. Consumer Education
A. Budgeting
B. Comparison Shopping
C. Credit
D. Advertising
E. Careers

V. Bake Station
A. Breads
B. Cookies
C. Careers





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Second Semester

I. Bake Station
A. Cakes
B. Pies and Pastries
C. Careers

II. Service Etiquette
A. Table Setting
B. Presentaion/Service Styles
C. Careers

III. Pantry Station
A. Salads
B. Sandwiches
C. Careers

IV. Hot Station
A. Vegetables
B. Grain Products
C. Seafood
D. Poultry
E. Meats
F. Careers

V. Short-order Station
A. Grilling
B. Broiling
C. Frying
D. Production and Presentation
E. Careers