The Excellence Award

  • Leyden Excellence Award

    We are very excited to recognize our Excellence Award winners at graduation.  This special recognition is what we believe as a district every one of our students should be striving for.  In 2012, administrators, teachers, and most importantly students met to establish key categories that define excellence at Leyden.  We believe that if a student achieves all seven of these qualifications they deserve special recognition and mention at the end of their high school careers.  We also believe that every student entering Leyden has the opportunity to earn the Excellence Award.

    Here are the 7 categories that will be used when determining recipients. 
    • Participate in two clubs, sports, and/or activities during his/her high school career.
    • Demonstrate community involvement by volunteering for 20 hours during his/her high school career.
    • Earn 24 credits.
    • Earn a 2.5 GPA.
    • Demonstrate good citizenship with no suspensions or athletic code violations.
    • Maintain a 95% attendance rate during his/her junior and senior  years.
    • Complete a capstone  or Advanced Placement course.

    Any questions? Please see Mr. Markey (East Leyden Principal), Dr. Bonuma (West Leyden Principal), Ms. Gavin (East Leyden Student Activities) or Dr. Ruffolo (West Leyden Student Activities).