... Where you will create artwork faster and better than you ever have before!

    ... Where failures are celebrated and analyzed. (to quote Gever Tulley)

    ... Where you will develop the courage & the verve to be creative.

    ... Where you will learn problem solving, critical thinking, & metacognition!  


    So what does that actually mean?  

    What exactly do you get to do in AP STUDIO ART?

    Here is it in a nutshell:

    -You will be working to create a portfolio of work that you will submit to the “College Board.” The College Board is the company that runs the Advanced Placement classes.  There is no actual exam for AP Studio Art.  Instead, you submit a portfolio of the artwork you completed in the class. 

    -You can choose to submit a portfolio in 3 different categories: Drawing, 2D Design, or 3D Design.  The Drawing and 2D portfolios are pretty similar.  The 3D portfolio is a bit different.  Whichever option you choose, there are 3 sections to your portfolio:

    -BREADTH- which shows you have a wide variety of skills and art knowledge.  You submit 12 pieces for this section and can use work from any medium, from any class or any time.  (8 pieces for 3D)

    -CONCENTRATION- which is an area you choose to investigate through the course of the school year.  You submit 12 pieces for this section and they are typically all from this school year, since it is an area you are investigating and developing through the year you are in class. (8 pieces for 3D)

    -QUALITY- This is the 5 best pieces you created.  They are taken from the Breadth and Concentration.  You mail these actual pieces into the College Board.  (3D sends multiple views of these pieces via the website.)  The pieces are returned to you during the summer, typically late July.