• In CERAMICS TWO, you get to build on what you learned in Ceramics ONE by 

    ~combining building processes
    ~learning a couple new building processes: using the extruder and the potter's wheel
    ~learning new surface design techniques with Engobes: Sgrafitto and Mishima
    ~learning more about how firing ceramics works
    ~learning even more about how you think and problem solve and your big ole brain!
    In the advanced levels of CERAMICS: SEMESTERS THREE & FOUR
    ~You will be able to choose your area of concentration.  You may choose to work on the wheel for the semester, hand-build for the semester or mix it up.
    ~You and the instruction meet to determine your individual projects.  Students have a large amount of autonomy to choose their projects so you will get a big hand in determining what you would like to learn and create.  
    ~You will work through our Art Department's problem solving thinking model to think through your own and direction.  It's a great way to individualize your learning and create awesome work YOU are excited about.