Modern Languages Faculty

Photo of Michael Aldworth Michael Aldworth 

East Phone: 847-451-3649  West Phone: 847-451-3114 


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Photo of Elizabeth Bantel Elizabeth Bantel 


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Photo of Patricia Carrillo Patricia Carrillo

Modern Languages & ELL/Bilingual Teacher 


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Photo of Lydia Chavez-Gonzalez Lydia Chavez-Gonzalez 


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Photo of Amy Cobo Amy Cobo 

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Photo of Richard Drobny Richard Drobny 


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Photo of Anne Gruettner Anne Gruettner 


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Photo of Celida Kipp Celida Kipp 


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Photo of Kara Kirkus Kara Kirkus 

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Photo of Martha Martinez Martha Martinez 

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Photo of Claudia Matz Claudia Matz 


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Photo of Catherine O'Rourke Catherine O'Rourke 


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Photo of Francesca Sourbis Francesca Sourbis 


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Photo of Kathryn Voorhees Kathryn Voorhees 


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