• Model United Nations is a club that is involved in global issues. In Model UN conferences, students act as representatives from countries and try to solve global crises. For each conference, a participant is assigned a country and a committee, which has 2 topics to focus on. The participant researches the country and the 2 topics. During the conference participants have opportunities to debate, persuade, and pass resolutions, just like the real United Nations.

    In addition to the conferences, we also attend presentations by people involved in the diplomatic sphere.

    If you have an interest in global affairs and politics this is the club for you! 

  • This club is open to all students.

  • Model UN meets at the beginning of the year and then prior to each conference to assign countries/committees and to discuss research. 

    We attend 3 local conferences which are on Saturdays and last from 8-5. They are in Oct, Nov, and Feb. We also attend 1 or 2 overnight conferences, in addition to a few presentations that are often after school. 

  • Simply fill out the form to get on our email list. You will then recieve announcements for presentations and conferences. 

  • Alex Jomarron ajomarron@leyden212.org