• Operation Snowball is founded on the belief that all people have the capacity to make sound decisions and to exert a positive influence on others if they have adequate information and self-understanding.  Operation Snowball takes its name from the idea that positive thinking and behavior can spread from person to person, gaining momentum and growing, like a snowball heading down a hill; hence, Operation Snowball.  The program is not intended for those who are using drugs or alcohol or those that are abusing these substances. Rather, it is a program designed to keep "healthy kids healthy".  The Snowball experience trains and empowers students to be leaders and positive role models.  They are provided opportunities to run and direct rgular meetings, small groups, team building, fund raising and prepare and plan for the annual lock in with Elmwook Park High School.  The club meets all year and has a variety of activities and events planned.  

  • Operation Snowball is open to all students.

  • We meet Monday evenings one time per month from 6-7 PM & Thursdays one time per week after school 3:00-3:25.

  • If you are interested in Operation Snowball and joining the fun please contact Ms. Muldoon in the Student Services Department.

  • Ms. Patricia Muldoon


    pmuldoon@leyden 212.org