• Songwriting Club

    Both new and veteran songwriters will benefit from the information and sharing done during sessions of the songwriting club.  Students will look at typical songwriting patterns and common errors new songwriters make. Students will also gain experience in revising lyrics to publish.  Students will learn how to copyright their original songs.

     We also perform in the Songwriting Club Showcases in the Media Center.

  • Eligibility Requirements
    Open to all students

  • Every Monday in room 204 3:00-3:25 pm.

  • Procedure For Joining
    Any interested student should contact Ms. Linda Smith

    Ms. Linda Smith            lsmith@leyden212.org
  • Linda Smith is a talented singer/songwriter in the Chicago area. She has successfully completed national tours, multiple cd projects, and a rockumentary about her career. She has been a popular guest on the KLYV morning show and was voted Most Talented Unsigned Artist by the MIX in Chicago. She has played at the Park West for Atlantic and Columbia Records and at the Taste of Chicago when former President Clinton was attending. She garnered recognition in Billboard's Songwriting Contest for her ballad, Fall In Love Again and has a certificate of appreciation from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc., Chicago Chapter.

    Linda was born and raised an Iowa girl. She wrote her first song when she was in elementary school, created her first demo in high school, and released her first project in college.

    The appropriately titled Cry Baby Cry cd was completed while Linda was touring with a college band. This is when she started filming her music videos, completed a national tour for the first time, and began receiving radio airplay in the midwest.

    Linda made the move to Chicago and released The Same Girl, Different Day cd. It was the product of a year's worth of writing and recording. This project reflects falling in love with that one person that becomes your muse, lover, close friend, and soul mate. The cover shots were taken in the Bad Lands on a Harley trip to Sturgis.

    She then began work on the Linda Smith Greatest Hits: Journey to Now project. It is the culmination of a decade of writing and recording. It includes Linda's favorite songs, the most requested during a live performance, songs that were given the most radio airplay, and even a couple that have never been released. This is a solid project. Even though the songs have been recorded over the years with different musicians and under different circumstances, there seems to be a unifying sound and focus. This is by far the best of the best!!!


    Sunday List of Dreams
    Linda Smith Greatest Hits: Journey to Now
    Same Girl Different Day
    Cry Baby Cry
    Fire and Lies - sold out
    Sometimes It's Hard To Be Different - sold out
    Hard Hearts - sold out
    Woman Who Needs - sold out