New Books @ Leyden

  • The Red Palace

    by June Hur Year Published: 2022

    While investigating a series of grisly murders, eighteen-year-old palace nurse Hyeon navigates royal and political intrigue and becomes entangled with a young police inspector. Includes author's note.

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  • When You Get the Chance

    by Emma Lord Year Published: 2022

    Millie Price deals with her lovable but introverted dad, her drama club rival, Oliver, and her "Millie Moods," the feelings of intense emotion that threaten to overwhelm, but when an accidentally left-open browser brings Millie to her dad's embarrassingly moody LiveJournal, Millie knows she must find her mom.

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  • The Corpse Queen

    by Heather M. Herrman Year Published: 2022

    Orphaned seventeen-year-old Molly Green is eager to start a new life in her aunt's lucrative business selling corpses to medical students, but she quickly becomes entangled in a murderer's plans.

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  • In the Serpent's Wake

    by Rachel Hartman Year Published: 2022

    Tess Dombegh sails south as a spy, hunting for evidence of politically-motivated crimes, while also hunting for the last World Serpent that could save her friend, Pathka.

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  • Medusa

    by Jessie Burton Year Published: 2022

    Exiled to a far-flung island, Medusa has little company except for the snakes adorning her head instead of hair until a beautiful boy named Perseus arrives, distrupting her lonely existence and unleashing desire, love, and betrayal.

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  • Vinyl Moon

    by Mahogany L. Browne Year Published: 2022

    A teen girl reeling from the scars of a past relationship finds healing and hope in the words of strong Black writers and the new community she builds in Brooklyn, New York.

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  • In Every Generation

    by Kendare Blake Year Published: 2022

    Frankie Rosenberg is passionate about the environment, a sophomore at New Sunnydale High School, and the daughter of the most powerful witch in Sunnydale history. Her mom, Willow, is slowly teaching her magic on the condition that she use it to better the world. But Frankie's happily quiet life is upended when new girl Hailey shows up with news that the annual Slayer convention has been the target of an attack, and all the Slayers--including Buffy, Faith, and Hailey's older sister Vi--might be dead. That means it's time for this generation's Slayer to be born. But being the first ever Slayer-Witch means learning how to wield a stake while trying to control her budding powers. With the help of Hailey, a werewolf named Jake, and a hot but nerdy sage demon, Frankie must become the Slayer, prevent the Hellmouth from opening again, and find out what happened to her Aunt Buffy, before she's next.

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  • Murder of crows

    by K. Ancrum Year Published: 2022

    When Tig Torres first moved back to her hometown of Hollow Falls, she solved the infamous Lit Killer case--and cleared her late Aunt Beth's name in the process. Tig's work on the case brought her to the attention of Hollow Falls's local armchair detective group, the Murder of Crows. The eccentric group is obsessed with their town's dark past--but their interests extend far beyond the Lit Killer. Members of the group are fixated on a decades-long search for the missing body of Hollow Falls's founder. There are rumors about what's buried with the body that could be life-changing for whoever finds it. With a mission like that underway, it's not long before a member of the Murder of Crows turns up dead. Soon, Tig and her friends Max and Wyn are tangled up in the search, too. But the stakes are getting higher and the hunt more dangerous. Someone's willing to kill to keep the town's secrets buried, and if Tig's not careful, she'll be the next victim.

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