East Student Services Faculty

Photo of Emily Alexenko Emily Alexenko

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3055  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Dawn Erickson Dawn Erickson

East Student Services & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3073  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Alicia Funes Alicia Funes

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3034  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Justyna Jablonska Justyna Jablonska

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3048  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Arturo Martinez Arturo Martinez

East Student Services & Social Worker


East Phone: 847-451-3022  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Rachelle Minus Rachelle Minus

East Student Services & Social Worker


East Phone: 847-451-2461  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Bill Mitchell Bill Mitchell

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3026  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Patricia Muldoon Patricia Muldoon

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3195  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Emilie Reynolds Emilie Reynolds

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3196  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Margaret Rivera Margaret Rivera

East Student Services & Social Worker


East Phone: 847-451-3015  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Christine Schulz Christine Schulz

East Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-3046  West Phone: 847-451- 


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