West Student Services Faculty

Photo of Karin Dewey Karin Dewey

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3181 

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Photo of Kato Gupta Kato Gupta

West Student Services & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451- 

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Photo of Cam Jackson Cam Jackson

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3127 

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Photo of Shaina Landau Shaina Landau

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3152 

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Photo of Lilia Ortega Lilia Ortega

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3125 

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Photo of Michele Ratini Michele Ratini

West Student Services & Social Worker


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-2577 

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Photo of Stacey Schlaud Stacey Schlaud

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3150 

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Photo of Kathryn Sidereas Kathryn Sidereas

West Student Services & Social Worker


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3622 

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Photo of Thomas Trousdale Thomas Trousdale

West Student Services & Social Worker


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3153 

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Photo of Marijana Uremovic Marijana Uremovic

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-3126 

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Photo of Javier Vasquez Javier Vasquez

West Student Services & Counselor


East Phone: 847-451-  West Phone: 847-451-5596 

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