District Faculty

Photo of Michael Aldworth Michael Aldworth

Modern Languages & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3649  West Phone: 847-451-3114 


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Photo of Katie Aquino Katie Aquino

Student Supports & Instructional Coach


East Phone: 847-451-3647  West Phone: 847-451-5512 


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Photo of Jeremy Babel Jeremy Babel

Mathematics & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3648  West Phone: 847-451-3155 


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Photo of Jessica Baker Jessica Baker

Special Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3069  West Phone: 847-451-3129 


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Photo of Lisa Baran Janco Lisa Baran Janco

ELL/Bilingual & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3074  West Phone: 847-451- 


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Photo of Jill Brobson Jill Brobson

Special Education & Speech Pathologist


East Phone: 847-451-3018  West Phone: 847-451-5730 


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Photo of Phillip Brownlee Phillip Brownlee

Music & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3051  West Phone: 847-451-3146 


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Photo of Brian Burcham Brian Burcham

Industrial Tech & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3052  West Phone: 847-451-3112 


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Photo of Rebecca Burger Rebecca Burger

Special Education & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3171  West Phone: 847-451-5575 


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Photo of Jason Cartwright Jason Cartwright

Business Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3058  West Phone: 847-451-3151 


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Photo of Johnathan Cloud Johnathan Cloud

Business Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3058  West Phone: 847-451-3151 


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Photo of Chris Cook Chris Cook

Physical Education & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3172  West Phone: 847-451-3613 


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Photo of Stacy Cunningham Stacy Cunningham

Music & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3051  West Phone: 847-451-3146 


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Photo of Joe DeGiulio Joe DeGiulio

Special Education & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3171  West Phone: 847-451-3187 


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Photo of Paula DiDomenico Paula DiDomenico

Student Supports & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3647  West Phone: 847-451-5512 


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Photo of Ellie Dix Ellie Dix

Family & Consumer Sciences & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3194  West Phone: 847-451-3133 


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Photo of David Elbaum David Elbaum

Social Studies & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3641  West Phone: 847-451-3602 


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Photo of Eric Garay Eric Garay

Science & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3054  West Phone: 847-451-3159 


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Photo of Miller George Miller George

Modern Languages & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-2460  West Phone: 847-451-3198 


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Photo of Victor Giordano Victor Giordano

English & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3077  West Phone: 847-451-3167 


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Photo of Joseph Hamilton Joseph Hamilton

Physical Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3014  West Phone: 847-451-3608 


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Photo of Megan Hammond Megan Hammond

Mathematics & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3040  West Phone: 847-451-3155 


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Photo of Michael Haworth Michael Haworth

Business Education & Teacher


East Phone: 847-451-3058  West Phone: 847-451-3151 


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Photo of Frank Holthouse Frank Holthouse

Career Education & Director of Careers and Community Outreach


East Phone: 847-451-3052  West Phone: 847-451-3112 


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Photo of Jane Hyink Jane Hyink

Literacy & Department Chair


East Phone: 847-451-3645  West Phone: 847-451-3610 


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