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    Operation Snowball believes that all individuals have the ability to make good choices and lead drug and alcohol free lives when surrounded by positivie influences and creative opportunities.  

    We believe that positive influence passes from one person to another and grows like a "SNOWBALL."

    We are the Prevention PeopleWe have fun, make good choices, and spread the influence!

    That is the Snowball Way!

    Join Positivity!!



    • All Operation Snowball activities and meetings will be in the student announcements and displayed on the monitors in the lunchroom.
    • To receive Snowball event and meeting information text @snowballer to the number 81010 OR text @snowballer to (708)223-7841.
    • You may also view our Snowball calendar in this site for all meeting and activity date information. 




  •   2019-2020 Getaway

    Our Mission

    Is about influencing friends to make good choices.  The good choices will grow from friend to friend like a Snowball.

    If I make good choices and help others to make good choices then I am SNOWBALLING! 

    We are committed to creating a healthy community of caring by increasing people's understanding and awareness about positive choices while having fun and making friends!


    Information about Vaping

    Information about Alcohol

    Information about Mental Health


    To receive club information via text: text @snowballer to 81010   OR    text @snowballer to (708) 223-7841

    For more Snowball information go to: CGTI - Illinois Operation Snowball



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  • We are the Prevention People - We Have Fun, Make Good Choices, and Spread the Influence - that is the Snowball way!