• Our approach to professional learning and providing resources for teachers...

    Leyden's instructional coaches collaborate to provide support for teaching and learning in a manner that is specific to each discipline. We support teachers as they experiment with teaching methods, seamlessly integrate technology into their instruction, apprentice students to the disciplines via discipline-specific literacy strategies, and engage in action research.

    • Instructional Group
      • The goals of this program are to
        • Introduce new teachers and teachers who are new to Leyden to Leyden’s culture, resources, and expectations
        • Introduce teachers to instructional strategies and general tools (tech and literacy) to foster student learning and engagement
        • Foster a collaborative and open culture for sharing
    • Disciplinary Literacy Group
      • The goals of this program are to
        • Foster a discipline-specific approach to instruction to increase student confidence, competence, and engagement in the disciplines 
        • Engage in protocols designed to foster deeper examination of practice 
    • Habits of Thinking Group
      • The goals of this program are to
        • Create effective protocols to participate in PLCs
        • Lead curricular teams in creating, exploring, and refining a focus on discipline-specific student-owned and instructional strategies and frameworks
        • Share information with teachers in curricular teams and/or within and/or beyond Leyden