Activity Description

  • Eagle's Quill is East's student literary and art magazine. The magazine is designed by students and features student prose, poetry, artwork, and photography. 

    If you wish to join the Eagle's Quill staff, simply email Ms. Castillo at, or listen to announcements for meeting times.

    When on staff, you will be able to read and view student submissions to the magazine and vote on the ones you feel deserve the top prize in each category! You will be featured on the staff page of the magazine and will be able to write a short blurb about yourself and your experience in the club. You may also submit to the magazine as a staff member.

    Below are the following positions we will be filling each year. Some positions may be filled by multiple people, and all positions take part in creating the layout and theme of the magazine and voting on the pieces that make it into the magazine: 


    1. Editor-in-chief

    2. Copy editor(s)

    3. Web designer (s)

    4. Writing editor(s)

    5. Art & photo editor(s)


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • Most meetings will take place every other Thursday at 3:05 in room 204. Our first meeting will take place on Thursday, October 4th.

  • Contact Ms. Castillo at You may also read the student bulletin and/or listen to the morning announcement for future meeting dates and times. All additional meetings will be placed on our calendar. 


Sponsor Information

  • Ms. Castillo is an English teacher at East and the sponsor for Eagle's Quill. 


    Room #: 204

    Availability: After 7 AMafter ACCESS, or by appointment