East Leyden Preschool Handbook

  • The Leyden preschool is unique in that high school students, who participate in our Child Care/Taste of Teaching courses, interact directly with the preschool children. The high school students are taught to develop lesson plans and to teach them within our program. The preschool is overseen by a professionally trained instructor, and she ensures that all lesson focuses on kindergarten readiness skills. The program provides a positive learning experience for both the high school students and the preschoolers.

    We believe that each child enrolled in our preschool program is a unique individual. Therefore, we revolve our lessons around their unique abilities and interests. The program provides for each student a safe, well-disciplined school in which we can expose children to a wide variety of learning experiences. These learning experiences include indoor and outdoor play, music, games, arts and crafts, math, science, social studies and reading. In addition to this, dramatic play is incorporated into our lessons to teach cooperation and independent thinking. We strive to arouse the child’s curiosity, challenge their bodies and mind, and encourage positive behavior through a pleasing and safe learning environment.


Attendance Policy and Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Each class is of the utmost benefit to the preschooler, so we ask that you try to have your child at preschool daily. As an educational institution, we believe parents should begin to instill the value of good attendance and promptness at school. Please work with our program to enforce the value of school attendance and prompt arrival for the start of the school day.

    It is so very important that you have your child here on time, so that we can begin our lesson as quickly as possible. Since we have a limited amount of time, we value every minute we have with your child. In addition, our preschool operates in conjunction with the high school schedule, so we also depend upon you for the prompt pick up of your child. The preschool teachers all have classes immediately following the preschool, and they can not miss their high school classes if you are late. Therefore, it is crucial that you be here at 10:10 a.m. to pick up your child.

    Drop off and pick up for preschool will be at entrance 2. The program begins at 8:15 a.m., and we request that you wait at entrance 2 until the high school teachers arrive to pick up your child from you. Preschool will conclude promptly at 10:10 a.m., and again we ask that you wait at entrance 2 until the high school students bring your child out to you.

    We will expect you to be picking up your child. If there is a change in your plans, and you need someone else to pick up the child, we will need a written statement, from you, informing us of the change. A photo I.D will be required in order for us to release your child to someone other than yourself.

    If your child is going to be absent from preschool, please call the preschool directly at 847-451- 3076 or you can leave a message by calling Mrs. Maldonado @ 847-451-3060.


  • As part of our daily curriculum, we serve a mid-afternoon snack to all children. We strive to make snack time a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all students. If your child has any allergies or concerns with snack, please share this with the director.

Health & Safety

  • For the concern and the safety of all, a complete immunization record for each child is required prior to the first day of school.

    If your child has a contagious illness, such as a cold or flu, we ask that the child remain at home until the contagious period has passed.

    In the event of an emergency, the parent will be notified immediately.