Dual Credit

  • What is Dual Credit?

    • For specific classes students can earn  BOTH Leyden High School Credit as well as credit at Triton College.
    • You take the class AT LEYDEN with your LEYDEN Teacher.
    • Your grades are shared with Triton to ensure successful completion of the course objectives.
    • Credit is awarded on BOTH your Leyden and Triton Transcript.



    Dual Credit is as easy as 1 2 3

    1. Step 1: -Fill out Triton Online application (instructions below).
    2. Step 2: -Take Triton placement test (no cost). We will set up testing dates for you OR you may test at Triton College at your convenience. The placement test can be waived with ACT test scores of 20 and/or SAT scores of 480 in English and Writing and ACT scores of 23 and/or SAT scores of 530 in Math. Go to www.triton.edu/placementtesting for placement test practice.
    3. Step 3: -Pass the course! Your credit will show up on your Triton College transcript after the semester ends! 



    What are the Benefits?

    • Students who take advantage of dual credit qualify for Honors Grade Weight for that course!
    • Significantly reduces the cost of higher education.
    • Begins the transition to college early.
    • Expands academic options for college-bound high school students.
    • Minimizes the duplication of courses taken in high school and college.
    • Shortens the time required to complete an undergraduate degree.
    • Provides guaranteed college credit.
    • Begins student's permanent college transcript.

    Important Dates

    • May 21 – August 19 - Registration Period for Dual Credit Students
    • Are you not sure if you have completed the necessary steps? Reach out to the office of Careers and Community Outreach at (847) 451-3031 or fholthouse@leyden212.org.



Dual Credit