AHERA Notification

  • The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), Public Law 99-519, required
    the Environmental Protection Agency to develop regulations providing a comprehensive
    framework for addressing asbestos problems in public schools. A major requirement for
    local education agencies was to develop a management plan and submit such plan to the
    State of Illinois Department of Public Health.

    Prior to October 12, 1988, Leyden High Schools submitted such a plan which was
    accepted by the Illinois Department of Public Health on May 17, 1989. This notice is to
    inform all persons occupying the building that management plans are available for review
    at both East and West Leyden. The plan for each respective school will be located in the
    principal’s office and can be read or reviewed by calling the principal’s office. Only
    those portions of the plan directly relating to the particular school are at the individual
    building. If you wish to read an entire copy of the AHERA Management Plan for East
    and West Leyden, you may contact my office in the East Leyden building at 847-451-
    3017 to make arrangements to review the plan.

    Inherent in the management plans for each building is a review of procedures that will be
    followed relating to asbestos and its removal or control at both East and West Leyden.
    Continued inspections will be maintained at both schools and the results of such
    inspections and tests will be made available to all occupants of these buildings.