• Leyden SAT preparation in 19/20

    Fall P/SAT Testing

    • Freshamn will take P/SAT 8/9
    • Sophomores and Juniors will take NMSQT*
    • Seniors who signed up to take SAT retake

    October , 2019

    SAT prep class

    February -April , 2020

    PSAT 9 for Freshmen, PSAT 10 for Sophomores,  SAT for Juniors

    April 14, 2018


    * Leyden has invited groups of students to take the NMSQT in October for many years. It just so happens to be a PSAT, and is scaled the same as the SAT. In addition to potentially qualifying students for scholarships, this test now gives students the opportunity to take a preliminary SAT.  Results of the NMSQT contribute to the College Board/Khan Academy preparation program.