Registration Process for Partner School Eighth Graders

  • If your child is currently in 8th grade and is enrolled in a Partner School of District 212, follow these steps:

    Verify Student Lives in District Boundaries 

    In order to register to attend Leyden High School District 212, students must live within district boundaries on a full-time permanent basis (seven days and seven nights). The District 212 attendance area includes the City of Schiller Park, River Grove, Franklin Park, Rosemont and portions of Northlake and Melrose Park. Please verify that your child lives within our District's attendance area before proceeding to Step 2.

    STEP 1 - Complete Residency 

    In order to complete the registration process, the registering parent/guardian must bring the following documents to LHS in person:

    • Student's original birth certificate (translated into English, if necessary) to Assistant Principal's Office (East Room 103 or West Main Office)
    • Current school Illinois physical and immunization records to Health Services located in the Nurse's Office (East Room 110 or West Room 166) - physicals must be dated no earlier than one year prior to a student entering grade 9.
    • Proof of residency documentation from Category A and Category B (see chart below) to the Assistant Principal's Office (East Room 103 or West Main Office)


    If you have questions at this step, contact the East Assistant Principal’s Office (847) 451-3025 or the West Assistant Principal's Office (847) 451-3121.

    Required Proof of Residency Documents

    You must provide documents from BOTH Category A and Category B. 


    Category A – One (1) of the following documents:

    Category B –  Two (2) of the following documents

    • Current Signed lease/Updated lease (Must be current prior to August 15, 2019)
    • Most recent real estate tax bill (2018)
    • Current mortgage/title/deed document or payment
    • Affidavit Residency Form for Property Owner/Renter (Notarized)
    • Landlord Verification Form (Notarized)
    • Gas Bill
    • Electric Bill
    • Water Bill/Sewer Bill
    • Phone Bill
    • Cable Bill
    • Vehicle registration
    • Bank statement
    • Public aid card
    • Medicaid card
    • Food stamp card
    • Pay check stub
    • City sticker receipt
    • Other:  _______________________________


    STEP 2 - Take Required Testing 

    Complete MAP testing at current Districts 78, 81, 83, 84, 84.5, 85.5 and 87 schools.  If you have questions regarding the placement, contact your student(s) counselor.

    STEP 3 - Course Selection

    Preview the online Course Selection Guide and participate in course selections at your middle school to select courses.  All pre-registered students will be able to learn more about course electives and submit their course requests when the District 212 Counselors visit their middle school.  

    STEP 4 - Complete Online Registration beginning April 2019

    If residency has been completed, go to the Online Registration page, which will be made available at the end of April 2019, to register a new student with the snapcode mailed to you.  An account must be created to begin the registration process. Once you complete the online form, you must make payment and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page in order for your student to be officially registered for the 2019-2020 school year.

    If you have questions at this step, contact the East Assistant Principal's Office at (847) 451-3025 or West Assistant Principal's Office at (847) 451-3121.   

    STEP 5 - Submit Health Documents

    Submit student’s IL Certificate of Child Health Examination form with complete immunization record to the Nurse's Office (East Room 110 or West Room 168).  A physical examination dated within one year of start date is required to begin high school. If the exam was done outside the State of Illinois, you must obtain a current physical in the State of Illinois.  

    Contact the Nurse's Office for assistance with health documentation East (847)-451-3084 or West (847) 451-3130.

    Physicals that are submitted after June 3, 2019 will accrue a late medical fee. 

    STEP 6 - Pay Student Fees

    If you did not pay during the online registration, you may pay at the Cashier's Office (East Room 19 or West Main Office).  Free/Reduced Meal Applications will be available online July 2019.

    STEP 7 - Attend Freshman/Parent Night on August 7, 2019

    Registered students and their families may attend Freshman/Parent Night.

    STEP 8 - Attend Freshman Orientation on August 8, 2019

    Registered students attend Freshman Orientation to receive books and Chromebooks.  This event is for students only.

    If you need help in Spanish, please contact the East Assistant Principal's Office at (847) 451-2067 or West Assistant Principal's Office at (847) 451-3148.

    Si necesitan ayuda en español por favor llamen a la Oficina del subdirector de East al (847) 451-2067 o al Oficina del subdirector de West al (847) 451-3148.