East Leyden Construction Benefits


    The benefits of the project at East Leyden include:

    • A safe and secure main student entrance with a dedicated bus lane.  

    • The cafeteria allows for up to 650 students at any given time, allowing us to reduce the number of lunch periods to 3 from the current 5.  This will have an important learning impact on our students as students will no longer have “split” classes as they attend 1/2 of a class, then go to lunch, then return to complete their class. The cafeteria features a mezzanine level that includes a student run coffee bar, activity and athletic offices and meetings rooms and a walk out green roof area.

    • A greenhouse is connected to the cafeteria, offering our Science classes a hands on experience.

    • The aquatic center includes two separate pools; one for competitive swimming and one for diving and beginner swim lessons. The aquatic center features an elevated seating area.

    • A preschool and daycare complements the addition.

    • The addition features a fine art wings, bringing choral and instrumental music rooms and practice rooms together with an additional classroom and multipurpose space.

    • One of the most exciting features of the addition is the courtyard that the U-shaped addition created. This space is used by students and staff alike to enjoy the outdoors during the school day.

    • This addition allowed several areas of the current building to be repurposed.

    • A girls locker room complex was built adjacent to the East Leyden fieldhouse.

    • Four new Science labs completed the transformation of all labs at East Leyden into modern learning spaces.

    • The former East Leyden pool was renovated into a wrestling practice room.