• Cosmetology & Barbering Program

    Are you interested in a career as a Hairstylist or Barber? As part of Leyden's Cooperative Education Program, you can become a licensed Hairstylist or Barber!

    We are excited to provide you with this unique opportunity to complete year one of this two-year program while in high school.  Leyden District 212 is committed to your success and will fund a large portion of the tuition and kit fees associated with this program.  See below for financial information.


    Partner Sites

    Ms. Roberts Academy - Located at   552 Mannheim Rd A, Hillside, IL 60162

    Since 1960, Ms Roberts Academy has transformed individuals who dreamed of becoming hair and/or makeup artists into professional, highly-trained cosmetologists. Our campus offer large, fully-equipped classrooms, locker facilities, a spacious student lounge, and an exceptional clinic area for practical purposes. We constantly push our students and educators to exceed both their and our expectations so they can excel in the cosmetology world. It is our goal to educate our students better than other beauty schools so our students can change the world of cosmetology for the better. Want to learn more about our school? Contact us by dialing (708) 649-9088.

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    Erskine Reeves Barber Academy - Located at  552 Mannheim Rd B, Hillside, IL 60162

    Erskine Reeves Barber Academy of Hillside, IL will give you the finest training to cultivate the entrepreneur barber in you. Get the barber knowledge you need from us. We can answer your questions about the styling processes, haircuts in general, the academy itself, and more. Do not hesitate to give us a call with your questions .We've been sharing our knowledge of the barbering industry with you since 2014.  Contact us to learn more about our courses and our academy. We'll get you trained to be a certified barber in no time. Our qualified personnel are eager to meet you. Contact us by dialing 708-493-0936

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    How it Works

    Students enroll in Cooperative Education ISA (COOP 900) and Related Cooperation Education ISA (COOP 900).  Cooperative Education is a formal course on entering the workforce.

    Related Cooperative Education allows eligible Seniors to leave campus early to attend the Cosmetology or Barbering course.  Each program is a two-year program open only to seniors who enroll in the Cooperative Education Program (Co-op). The first year includes 750 hours of Cosmetology or Barbering instruction.

    Class Schedule

    1:00 pm – 5:30 pm Monday through Friday
    8:30 am – 4:30 pm Saturday (Optional, Make-Up)

    Financial Information

    Year One: Tuition $5,000, Kit $1,200

    Year Two: Tuition $5,000

    Students who earn a B or better for BOTH semesters only pay for the kit ($1,200)! If the student does not receive an A or B for BOTH semesters, the parent/guardian/students will be responsible to pay the full amount of the year one tuition and kit ($6,200). Payments are required by the due dates. FULL PAYMENT FOR YEAR ONE IS DUE PRIOR TO GRADUATION.

    Financial Fact Sheet

    2021 School Year Plans

    Both Ms. Roberts Academy and Erskine Reeves Barber Academy during the first quarter students will log in for remote learning from home from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Monday thru Friday.  In-person training is scheduled to begin in the second quarter.  Additional sanitation and preventative measures such as student, client, and staff temperature and mask requirements.

    Make-Up Hour Schedule for the Erskine Reeves Barber Academy
    Monday & Tuesday: 12:00p - 2:30p
    Wednesday - Friday: 11:00a - 2:30p
    Saturday: 9:00a - 3:00p

    Do you still have questions?

    Director of Careers & Community Outreach
    Frank Holthouse
    (847) 451-3031