• Cooperative Education or Co-Op


    What is Co-Op? 

    Cooperative Education (Co-Op) at Leyden is a nationally recognized program that connects students and employers. Leyden’s Co-Op program spans over 50 years in our community. Co-Op integrates classroom learning with real work experience. Students work between 12 and 32 hours per week and attend class daily on campus where they learn about being a responsible productive employee. Students can earn money and develop valuable skills. Additionally, credentials such as the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry are offered to students.

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    Benefits for Students

    • Learn a skill
    • Explore your career cluster & pathway
    • Early release from the school day (when required)
    • Paid work experience that allows you to work towards your career goals 12-32 hours per week
    • Real-life Application of classroom concepts
    • Establish Foundational workplace skills

    Benefits for Parents

    • Students become more marketable
    • Students develop a strong work ethic
    • Can lead to full-time employment
    • Can support College ambitions

    Benefits for Employers

    • Engage with Leyden community
    • Collaborate with educators to create training plans
    • Access to motivated workers
    • Screening of candidates
    • Streamline the transition from school to work


    Course Handbook Information

    Coop 611-612 -This is a two-course program. Students must enroll in Cooperative Work Program and Related Cooperative Work Program concurrently. This course is open to Seniors. It offers two credits; one for a formal class, and one of on the job training. Students agree to work at a training site 12-32 hours per week.