• Mission:

    Our mission is to provide writers with the three essential things all writers need: choice, strategies, and feedback. When writers come into the writing center for a conference with a peer coach, they will choose the area of their writing on which they would like to focus. Peer coaches are trained to listen to writers’ concerns first and then respond with constructive feedback, specific writing strategies (tools) to address the needs of the writer, or ideas for how to collaborate in working through the writing process. Ultimately, peer coaching sessions are a unique opportunity for writers at Leyden to engage in conversations about writing in order to develop a stronger writing community.  


    The writing center is a place where, with support and collaboration from both adult and peer writing coaches, writers should feel comfortable trying out ideas and  getting feedback without having their work evaluated. Writing coaches see writing as a problem to be solved, requiring a process of inquiry through which writing coaches provide guidance, ask questions, and offer strategies and suggestions to help writers and writing grow.  


    • Promote writing as a process across the disciplines (writing to learn, learning to write, on-demand writing, and writing for publication)
    • Increase academic rigor in an understanding, supportive atmosphere
    • Provide new opportunities for leadership and service
    • Align with Leyden’s school goal of developing confident problem-solvers through authentic and relevant experiences