• Peer Coaching Club supports and collaborates with students, teachers, and the East Leyden community on a variety of academic (across the disciplines) and non-academic (letters of recommendation, college essays/applications, resumes and cover letters, writing contests, personal interest writing, etc.) writing tasks.

  • If you would like to schedule an appointment for a conference with a peer coach, please sign up on Super Sass or just drop in the Writing Center any day after school from 2:30-3:25, and our coaches can help you make an appointment. 

    When you come in for a Peer Coaching Session, you can expect any of the coaches to conduct the session in a similar way because each has been trained to follow a specific structure. The following is a description of the general objectives of a coaching session.

    During a coaching session, you can expect your writing coach to do the following:


    • Teach you the process for scheduling an appointment
    • Help you complete the paperwork necessary for our record
    • Get to know you and tailor the session to your needs, interests, and learning style
    • Clarify the goal of the session and stay focused on this throughout the session
    • Activate your prior knowledge - the coach will ask you questions such as: What do you already know about your topic? What’s working? What’s not?
    • Ask you open-ended questions to get you thinking about how to complete your writing task rather than telling you how to complete your writing task
    • Use encouraging, supportive language and maintain appropriate body language
    • Create a strategic plan for the session
    • Check for understanding throughout the session
    • Ask you to complete a reflection of your experience


  • Jeanette Gagliardi - jegagliardi@leyden212.org

    Cheyenne Aguilar - caguilar@leyden212.org