Registration 2021 - 2022


    Please Note: This page and link is for this current 2021 - 2022 school year.

    Residency Verification and Registration is required every school year.

    Residency Verification must be completed before a student can be enrolled. You may complete this process by clicking the Residency Documentation Upload 2021 - 2022 to the left in our Quick Links section. Registration is a separate process from Residency Verification which involves going online, filling out required information for your student, and completing the payment. This 2-step process may be completed via your computer, your student's Chromebook, or your mobile device. Online tutorials are available in the Quick Links section to the left on this page.

    If residency is current and/or has been completed in the allotted time, Incoming Freshman, as well as all Upper-class families, will automatically receive a login code. The Snapcode is necessary to initiate the online Enrollment process. If you have multiple students, you must complete Registration for each, and separately upload the appropriate Residency documentation.

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  • New and/or Transferring Students:

    If you have recently moved into our school district and DO NOT have a Snapcode, please select link below.

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  • Incoming Freshman (from our partner schools) and/or Returning Students:

    Already have a new Snapcode for this coming school year? Please select link below.Enrollment Button