CrisisGo Safety iPass System

  • CrisisGo Safety iPass is the system used to send a daily self-certification form through email to the guardians of all students that have chosen to learn at school during the pandemic.  Guardians need to submit the form every morning and students will then use a mobile app on their phones to show an entry badge while entering the buildings.

    The first guardian listed for each student in our student information system will get the CrisisGo email at 5:00 am each morning.  If the form is not filled out or if a student's first guardian does not have an email address on file, the second guardian will get the CrisisGo email at 5:30 am.

    To learn more about the system and the process, click on the link below and then use the tools in the bottom-left corner of the window to navigate through the slides:

CrisisGo Safety iPass