Leyden Summer Reading Program 2021-2022

  • Why Summer Reading?

    As with every summer, there's a concern that students will not engage with text frequently, perhaps even experiencing some "summer slide." Thus, it's important to read. But the English department's goals for summer reading reach beyond the academic.

    Now, perhaps more than ever, it's important for young people to read. The past year has led teenagers to acknowledge the problems and divisions in their world in a way that previous generations did not. Our students know the world is a complex place, often full of personal struggle and societal conflict. Reading can offer an escape from this world, a rare opportunity for sustained peace and quiet. And it can foster reflection about issues that will help us better understand our world, broadening perspectives and fostering empathy.

    For these reasons and others, the English department is inviting all students* to participate in the summer reading program outlined below. The program, developed in conjunction with Leyden's librarians and in partnership with local libraries, has a simple goal: students will actively read at least one book to be eligible for prizes and incentives.

  • Selecting Books

    We ask that students select a book from the recent LINCOLN AWARD lists.

    The Lincoln Award nominee lists offer students a great deal of choice while also making sure they're choosing books related to significant adolescent topics and quality storytelling. 

    Each title on the list is considered one of "the best books of the year voted on by teens for teens in the state of Illinois." Students can explore an interactive brochure of this year's nominees or reference the full list below.

    A good number of physical copies exist at Leyden's libraries, which can be held and picked up prior to summer break, and at public libraries. 

    There are also links for students to check out the texts digitally. 

    List 1: 21-22 Lincoln Awards

    List 2: 20-21 Lincoln Awards

  • Responding to Reading

    As they read, participants must complete three responses to demonstrate that they are actively thinking about what they read. Students can work from a set of TikTok responses OR traditional written responses. They should work from only one of the charts below. We hope that most students opt to into our BookTok Toe challenge as engaging with a community of readers can foster motivation to read. For more on the #booktok trend that we're hoping to copy, read this article. Whether they choose to post or to write, participants must submit the google document with their work on the first day of school.

    RESPONSE SET #1: TikTok Challenges

    Students should use the choice board below to complete any three in a row. Example TikToks can be found by clicking the images in the table below. When students create their own and post to TikTok, students should use #booktok and #leydenpride. They should also save the links of their creations to their own copy of this Google Doc.

    RESPONSE SET #2: Written Responses

    Students who are not able to participate in our social media challenge should use the choice board below to complete any three in a row, writing responses as directed. Students should click on this link to make a copy of the response document.

    *Course-Specific Summer Reading

    Students entering the courses below should NOT participate in the Leyden Summer Reading Program and should instead see the course-specific directions via the links.