• Leyden's Poetry Slam team meets after school to work on their original poems and performances with their teammates and coach to perfect their writing and performance skills. We compete in Louder than a Lawnmower and Louder than A Bomb each year against 120 other teams around the Chicagoland Area. Joining the team provides outstanding opportunities, training, and a platform for talented youth to develop their writing, performance, and public speaking skills with guidance from their coach, peers and guest teaching artists.

    • How do I join?

      In order to be eligible to be on the team, students must have an eager passion for writing and performing. They must also maintain good grades in order to be on the team and must regularly come to practice. For more information or clarification, please contact Mrs. Fatima at afatima@leyden212.org

  • Poetry Slam Season 2018-2019 Highlights

    slam team

    Incredibly proud of our team on being 4th place winners in Quarter Finals! It was their first year competing and they enjoyed every minute of it. We can't wait to be back next year to the #LTAB19 family. #LeydenPride pic.twitter.com/Yw4PwMIV8p

    — Mrs. Fatima (@mrsafatima) March 8, 2019

  • mrs fatima

          Coach Fatima


    Ainee Fatima is an English Language Arts teacher at East Leyden High School. She is well-known as a nationally recognized slam poet and a winner of Young Chicago Authors' Louder Than a Bomb in 2009. She has served as a teaching artist and poetry slam coach for seven years around the Chicagoland area. Her experience in mentoring and cultivating youth voices through writing, publication, and performance education lead her to pursue her master's in Secondary Education degree at DePaul University.  Mrs. Fatima's poetry has been published in several anthologies and she is working on publishing her own book one day.