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Mobile Hotspot Request

Low Cost Internet Plans

Both Comcast and AT&T are offering low-cost Internet plans.

Comcast Internet Essentials

Access from AT&T

The FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program is another option to help save on your Internet bill.

Click here to apply for the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program

Hotspot Requests

Mobile hotspots are available to Leyden students that do not have consistent and reliable home Internet access and cannot participate in their remote E-Learning schoolwork.

Here is the process for obtaining a mobile hotspot:

1) Fill out the Mobile Hotspot Request form

2) The Assistant Principal's office will call the parent/guardian of the students for whom the hotspots are requested to verify the need for the hotspot.  If the need is confirmed a Mobile Hotspot Agreement form will be sent home with the student for a parent/guardian and the student to sign.  During remote learning, the Assistant Principal's office will accept a verbal consent in lieu of the signed form.

3) The Assistant Principal's office will notify the Technology Department about approved hotspot requests

4) The Technology Department will set up the hotspots

5) The Technology Department will send an email to the student and the parent/guardian when the hotspot is ready to be picked up

6) The student will need to reply to the email to set up an appointment to visit the Technology Office with his/her Chromebook to complete the setup and check out the device