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Student Tools

Tools/Systems for Students

  • Apex Learning

    System used in credit recovery classes.

  • Clever Portal

    Single-sign-on tool used to access online textbooks and other systems.

  • Discovery Education

    Subscription site full of valuable educational content including virtual field trips, videos, podcasts, interactives, and more.

  • Ericom

    System for accessing virtualized applications on Chromebooks.

  • Home Access Center

    Portal for grade reports, attendance, unofficial transcripts, contact info, and more.

    Usernames: first initial last initial ID (Example: BW12345)

    Passwords: capital first initial lower case last initial # locker combo (Example: Bw#230542)

  • Schoology

    Access your Leyden courses and assignments in Schoology.

  • WeVideo

    Online tool for creating videos.

    Be sure to click on the 'Log In' link, then the 'Log in with Google' button, and select/enter your school Google account.