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Board announces new student representative

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At the meeting on May 16, the Leyden High School Board of Education announced West Leyden rising junior Jonathan Guerrero as the new student board member. Guerrero will serve as one of two student board members, for a two-year term beginning with the 2024-25 school year. Guerrero joins East Leyden rising Senior Adriel Carrera, a current student board member.

Last year, Leyden began a new student board member process, where one senior and one junior were selected, so that moving forward each year, only one position will need to be filled. This was done to help improve consistency and provide an easier transition and training opportunities in the future. 

Jonathan Guerrero was selected by staff for his interest in politics and community engagement. He is an involved student, who cares about his classmates and the democratic process. 

“For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by politics and I feel this is a way to learn more about local politics as they are always overshadowed by bigger events,” said Guerrero. “ I feel connecting with a community this way would best help me with the career I choose to pursue if it is in that field.”

Student board members participate in meetings, discussions and represent the Board as the student voice at a variety of events. They do not vote, nor attend closed, confidential sessions of the Board. 

“With my time serving I would like to make a connection with my peers to the point where they feel comfortable enough to send me an email or come up to me with any concerns they may have,” said Guerrero. “I want to be able to represent my school to the best of my ability and I would like to see in what ways the changes we make as a board affects the school.”

Both students were nominated by staff for their involvement and contributions to the school and take an oath to represent their school's student body in hopes of better communicating student concerns.