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Leyden announced two new student board members

Student Board Members
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West senior Joyslyn Maldonado and East junior Adriel Carrera have been named the student representatives to the Leyden Board of Education. New this year, one student is a senior (Maldonado) and will serve a one-year term, and one student is a junior (Carrera), and will serve a two-year term. This was done to help improve consistency and provide an easier transition and training opportunities in the future. 

Both students were nominated by staff for their involvement and contributions to the school and will represent their school's student body in hopes of better communicating student concerns.

Joyslyn Maldonado is a Senior at West Leyden. She considers herself to be a fair, inclusive person, seeking to represent all of the voices of West Leyden, including those who may be too shy to speak up. Joyslyn hopes to listen to the student body as a whole and bring up any arising issues and propose solutions beneficial to all. She is honored to have been chosen as an advocate for the students and hopes to contribute to the overall safe learning environment where students are motivated to learn and attend daily.

East Leyden Junior, Adriel Carrera will sit on the board for the next two years. He is proud to be chosen as part of the Student Board of Education. Adriel has always wanted to be a part of some kind of leadership opportunity at East Leyden and believes that becoming a Student Board Member would be perfect, especially because he would be able to represent his fellow students at East Leyden. Adriel hopes to be able to equally express the concerns, comments, and ideas that he and other students have to the Board for discussion.