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Leyden honors Exceptional Eagles

The word Eagles spelled out with student faces
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Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as Exceptional Eagles:

December Exceptional Eagles (East Leyden )

Gianna Bernabei, Learning Center, Karolina Chowaniec, Individual Achievement, Suzanne Diaz, Industrial Technology, Salvador Franco, Business Education, Anthony Giannakopoulos, Physical Education, Keiryn Fernanda Lopez Ramirez, Math, Jesus Mata Osuna, Multilingual Learner, Josh Oquendo, Family and Consumer Sciences, Julia Panasinska, Art, Lily Salgado, Social Studies, Ryan Sniezek, Literacy, Gilberto Soria Flores, English and Emily Soto, CoLab.

December Exceptional Eagles (West Leyden )

Litzy Bahena Romero, Family and Consumer Sciences, Axel Bolanos, Tapestry, /hugo Cohetero,, Science, Alia El-Hindi, District Excellence, Daryl Esparza, Business, Maria Jelea Jugar Dela Cruz, Music, Emily Mancha Garcia, Modern Languages, Sofia Mendez Gonzalez, Art, Alexander Aviila Napoles, English, Larissa Nevarez, Math, Hugo Ortiz, Physical Education, Priscila Perez, Industrial Technology, Angel Roldan, Literacy, Nataly Ulloa, Social Students and Brian Valle, Personal Achievement.

February Exceptional Eagles (East Leyden)

Qusai Alshathli, Social Studies, Oksana Borys, Multilingual Learner, Anaksunamun Carrillo, CoLab, Ciara Chiappetta, Literacy, Alicja Glowacka, Learning Center, Delani Hernandez, Tapestry, Owen Kelly, Industrial Technology, Gabi Lenczewski, Art, Athiana Moran, Music, Claudine Ricana, Music, Vanessa Strozak, Science, Karoline Szlosek, Math, Beesan Tawil, Physical Education and Mackenzie Torres, Business Education.

March Exceptional Eagles (West Leyden)

Alexander Aguinaga, Literacy, Alliana Almodovar, Family and Consumer Sciences, Christina Beltran, Physical Education, Josse DeJesus Fragoso, Modern Languages, Grace Dillon, Social Studies, Yamileth Espinoza, Business, Oliver Flores, Art, Hailey Galindo, Tapestry, Aidan Jaffray, Music, Korneliusz Kopera, District Excellence, Lucas Latiker, Science, Kathleen Moran, Personal Achievement, Britney Orcullo, Math, Hugo Ortiz, Industrial Technology and Andre Soares, English.