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Leyden partners with Young Hearts for Life to offer free heart screenings

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Leyden is pleased to partner with Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) to offer all Leyden High School students a free, potentially life-saving ECG screening, on Tuesday, February 27, at East, and Tuesday, March 5, at West. These screenings are optional, offered at no charge and require advanced parent/guardian authorization. Parents/Guardians will receive information via email in early 2024 with the required authorization form.

YH4L, the largest ECG screening program in the United States, will provide a free heart screening called an electrocardiogram (ECG) to identify high school students at risk for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). More than 60 young adults die each week in the United States from SCD. Since 2006, YH4L has screened over 300,000 students and has identified more than 3,100 with previously undiagnosed heart conditions.

A simple, painless, and non-invasive ECG can detect approximately 70% of the heart conditions that are associated with SCD, while a pre-participation physical can only detect 4% of these conditions. The false positive rate for our program is less than 2%. Additional evaluation and testing by a student’s physician may be recommended.

  • Students’ confidentiality, privacy, and individual modesty will be respected throughout all aspects of the program;
  • Students are given a designated time by the school to come to the screening area;
  • Trained volunteers attach electrodes to the students’ chest and limbs in preparation for the test;
  • Clothing is not removed;
  • The ECG machine monitors the electrical activity of the heart and prints out the information about heart rate and a trained cardiologist then interprets the printed test;
  • Student results are available 2-3 weeks after the screening via a secure link that is sent to the parent/guardian email; 
  • Results are NOT shared with the school or district.

Please note, the registration form below is able to be translated with Google by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page:

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