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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education or Work Program

What is Co-Op / Work Program? 

Co-Op or Work program is an employer-driven, “learn while you earn” class that combines structured paid on-the-job training with job-related instruction at Leyden High Schools in each student's select career pathway. The goal is to provide students with advanced skill sets that meet specific employer needs. Often, employers hire Co-Op students upon graduation and cover any additional training and certification costs.

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Benefits for Students

  • Continue to hone a skill
  • Early release from the school day (when required)
  • Paid work experience that allows you to work towards your career goals 12-32 hours per week
  • Real-life application of classroom concepts
  • Establish foundational workplace skills

Benefits for Parents

  • Students become more marketable
  • Students develop a strong work ethic
  • Can lead to full-time employment
  • Can support college ambitions

Benefits for Employers

  • Engage with the Leyden community
  • Collaborate with educators to create training plans
  • Access to motivated workers
  • Screening of candidates
  • Streamline the transition from school to work

Course Handbook Information

(COOP 613 & COOP 623, 2 Semesters Grade 12)

Co-Op integrates classroom learning with real work experience! This is a two-course program. It offers two credits; one for a formal class and one for job training in each student's selected pathway. Students agree to work at a pathway-approved training site 12-32 hours per week.