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Dual Credit - At Leyden

Dual Credit

Start Here! 

What is Dual Credit?

  • For specific classes (below), students can earn BOTH Leyden High School Credit as well as credits at Triton College.
  • You take the class AT LEYDEN HS with your LEYDEN Teacher. Your grades are shared with Triton College to ensure the successful completion of the course objectives.
  • Credit is awarded on BOTH your Leyden HS and Triton College Transcript.

Dual Credit is as easy as 1 2 3

Step 1: -Sign up for one of the courses below with your counselor during course selection. 

Step 2: -Complete the Dual Credit Application by the deadline (below). Please refer to our Application Guide! You will need to create an account before continuing with your Dual Credit application. Students only need to apply once during their high school career!

Step 3: -Pass the course with an A, B, or C! Your credit will show up on your Triton College transcript after the semester ends! 

What are the Benefits?

  • Students who take advantage of dual credit earn Honors grade weight for that course!
  • Students who earn 15 hours or more of college credit before graduating from high school are two times more likely to complete a post-secondary program.
  • Significantly reduces the cost of higher education.
  • It begins the transition to college early.
  • Minimizes the duplication of courses taken in high school and college.
  • Shortens the time required to complete an undergraduate degree.
  • Begins student's permanent college transcript.

Important Dates

  • Please apply by July 1st. No students may register after August 16th  2024 for the 2024-25 school year.
  • Questions? Reach out to the office of Careers at (847) 451-3031 or

Important Links

  • Dual Credit Application Guide
  • Dual Credit Application Video
  • Dual Credit New Student Orientation Info - This is a great resource for all your Dual Credit Questions.
  • Triton's Testing Center- After your application is complete, you may be required to take the Next Generation Accuplacer Exam. This is typically for on campus Dual Enrollment courses such as NAS 100, RHT 101, etc.
  • Transferology -  Transfer Resource
  • University HQ College Transfer Guide - Transfer Resource
  • Home Access Center - Check your Dual Credit Status


    Leyden Courses for 2024-25


    Triton College Course

    ART 140 - Graphic Design II 

    VIC 142 - Introduction to Illustrator

    ART 250 - Photo II

    VIC 161- Introduction to Photoshop

    BUS 233 - College Accounting Honors

    ACC 101 - Financial Accounting 

    BUS 383 - Business Incubator

    BUS 136 - Entrepreneurship

    FCS 260 - Cuisine Chef

    HIA 101 - Knife Skills

    FCS 343 - Catering I

    HIA 100 - Culinary Mathematics & HIA 115 - Food Sanitation & Safety

    FCS 323 -  Education Academy

    EDU 110 - Diversity of Schools and Society

    FCS 423 -  Education Academy II

    EDU 207 - Introduction to Education

    IND 183 - Metals II

    ENT 117 -  CNC I 

    IND 323 - Autos II 

    AUT 112 - Introduction to Automotive Technology 

    IND 293 - Construction

    COT 106 - Rough Carpentry

    IND 123  - PLTW IED Honors

    ENT 110 -  Production Drawing

    IND 383 PLTW POE Honors

    ENT 100 - Intro to Manufacturing

    PEH 263 -  Athletic P.E. 1

    PED 106 - Total Fitness

    PEH 273 - Athletic P.E. 2

    PED 206 - Athletic Fitness