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Dual Enrollment - At Triton

Dual Enrollment (On Campus at Triton)

What is Dual Enrollment? (TDE101 / TDE102, 1 Semester, Grades 9-12)

Take a class that is not offered at Leyden High School at Triton College! This is a semester-long commitment that can be repeated as desired. Students are typically scheduled during Period 10 or during Student Teacher Time. This opportunity is open to freshmen through senior students.

  • You take a class at Triton College with a Triton teacher.
  • Your grades are shared with Leyden High School to ensure the successful completion of the course (A, B, C).
  • ALL of the tuition and fees are paid by the district upon successful completion of the course.

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Signing up for the Dual Enrollment program has its perks and benefits:
   • Transferable* college credit earned from an accredited institution (limitations may apply)
   • Reduction of the number of college classes taken after high school graduation
   • Utilization of college resources and services, including the library, computer and academic labs, and tutoring services
   • Participation in college campus activities
   • Access to campus facilities

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