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Dual Enrollment Cohorts

Leyden Dual Enrollment Cohorts

TDE120, 1 Semester (repeatable), Grades 11,12

Courses build toward a certificate at Triton College! Semester Commitment, repeatable. Classes run 8:30-10:30 AM (Periods 1-4), 5 days per week, Juniors or Seniors

  • Computer Information Systems (CIS 105, 106) - Students can earn the CompTIA + credential in the CIS 105 and 106 Courses. The courses cover computer hardware and operating systems, and skills such as installing, building, upgrading, repairing, configuring, troubleshooting, optimizing, diagnosing, and preventive maintenance, with additional elements of soft skills and security. 
  • Criminal Justice (Semester 1 - CJA 111, 171, Semester 2 - CJA 148, 166) - Criminal Justice Administration provides career opportunities in several areas including law enforcement, probation, parole, and corrections. In the CJA 111 and 172 courses, students will cover the history, development, and function of law enforcement, the court system, and correctional practices in the United States, including the interrelationships between various components and processes of the criminal justice system.
  • Horticulture (HRT 127, 128) - Students can earn their Illinois Pesticide License in the HRT 127 and 128 Courses. The courses cover principles of plant diseases, life cycles, host plants, symptoms, diagnosis, and their control, along with the impact of diseases on the environment. Selection of control practices, such as resistant plants, cultural prevention measures, and use of pesticides.
  • Welding (Semester 1 - ENT 106, 110  Semester 2 - ENT 107, 116 ) - Learn the theories and perfect the techniques you need to rise to the top of the welding field. Working in industry-driven labs with the latest technology, you'll be real-world ready. The ENT 106 and 110  courses cover fundamentals of oxyacetylene welding theory and practices and beginning electric welding, focused on Metal Inert Gas (MIG) processes, brazing, and cutting as well as reading and interpreting blueprints and working drawings used in trades.

ALL of the tuition and fees are paid by the district upon successful completion of the cohort (A, B, C).

Dual Enrollment