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Incoming Student Placement

Until the 15/16 school year, we had used the EXPLORE test for high school course placement. Because the EXPLORE test is no longer being offered, we work with our partner schools to incorporate 8th grade Fall MAP test scores in our placement process. While we believe MAP reading and math scores are more reliable measures of students' academic performance, these scores are only the first step in determining accurate placements. 

As has long been our practice, our department chairs in math, science, English, social studies and literacy visit each of our partner schools in December to review all placements with 8th grade teachers. The input from these teachers is invaluable, and we make placement adjustments based on the input of the teachers who know incoming students best.

These are the scores used for initial placement. Final placement occurs after student-by-student discussion between Leyden department chairs and 8th grade teachers.  

Literacy  8th grade Fall MAP reading score
Literacy class required 200 to 220
Literacy requirement not required 221 to 300
English 8th grade Fall MAP reading score
English I or English I co.Lab 229 and below
English I Honors or English I co.Lab Honors  230 and above
Math 8th grade Fall MAP math score
Algebra Block 200 to 215
Algebra I  216 to 229
Algebra I Honors 230 to 300
Science* Dependent on Literacy and Math Placement
Science class deferred to Sophomore year Placement in Algebra Block
Phy Sci Placement in Algebra I or higher, plus literacy placement
Biology Placement in Algebra I and no literacy placement
Biology Honors Placement in Algebra I Honors and no literacy placement

Social Studies**

Dependent on Literacy Placement/MAP Reading Score
College Prep 229 and below
Honors 230 to 300

* Students placed in Algebra I block (2 period Algebra class) are not typically placed in a science class until sophomore year.