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Instructional Coaching

Our approach to professional learning and providing resources for teachers...

Leyden's instructional coaches collaborate to provide support for teaching and learning in a manner that is culturally responsive and specific to each discipline. We support teachers as they experiment with teaching methods, seamlessly integrate technology into their instruction, and apprentice students to the disciplines via discipline-specific literacy strategies. 

  • Instructional Groups
    • Introduce new teachers and teachers who are new to Leyden to Leyden’s culture, resources, and expectations
    • Introduce teachers to instructional strategies and instructional moves to foster student learning and engagement
    • Foster a collaborative and open culture for sharing and reflection 
  • Disciplinary Literacy Group
    • Foster a discipline-specific approach to instruction to increase student confidence, competence, and engagement in the disciplines 
    • Engage in protocols designed to foster deeper examination of practice and evidence of student learning 
    • Focus on incorporating research-based conditions of learning 
  • Individual Teachers
    • Collaborate in 1:1 or small group meetings with coaches by making an appointment via the coaching calendar 
      • Topics might include: assessment design, co-teaching, cooperative learning, differentiating instruction, support for English Language Learners, culturally responsive teaching practices, and more