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Accounting Finance

People who work in this pathway function in a company to manage policy and strategy for (and the implementation of) capital structure, budgeting, acquisition and investment, financial modeling and planning, funding, dividends, and taxation.

Example Careers  

  • Actuary
  • Auditor
  • Budget Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Insurance Appraiser / Underwriter
  • Loan Officer
  • Sales Agent
  • Securities and Commodities  
  • Bank Teller
  • Treasurer and Controller
  • Financial Accountant
  • Managerial Accountant
  • Tax Accountant

Pathway Courses

Related Electives

Career Related Activities

External Experiences

  • Job Shadow
  • Internship (Long-term)
  • Mini-Internship (Winter Break, Spring Break)


Triton Certificates

Triton Degrees

Example College Majors 

  • Accounting 
  • Actuarial Science
  • Banking and Financial Support Services
  • Business and Personal/Financial Services  Marketing Operations
  • Credit Management
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • International Finance
  • Investments and Securities