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Law Enforcement Services Corrections Services

People who work in this pathway have duties that range from controlling traffic to preventing and investigating crimes. They maintain order, enforce laws and ordinances, issue traffic summonses, investigate accidents, present evidence in court, serve legal documents for the court system, and apprehend, arrest and process prisoners.

Example Careers

  • Arbitrator, Mediator and Conciliator
  • Child, Family and School Social Worker
  • Correctional Officer
  • Court Reporter/Paralegal/Legal Assistant
  • Criminal Investigator/Detective/Special Agent
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Hearing Officer
  • Immigration and Customs Inspector
  • Police Officer/Detective
  • Private Security
  • Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriff

Pathway Courses

Related Electives

Career Related Activities

External Experiences

  • Job Shadow
  • Internship (Long-term)
  • Mini-Internship (Winter Break, Spring Break)

Triton Certificates

Triton Degrees

Example College Majors

  • Corrections and Criminal Justice
  • Court Reporter
  • Forensic Science and Technology
  • Law
  • Legal Assistant/Paralegal