• Danielle Kowalkowski


  • Meetings are held once a month on a Wednesday morning at 8:15.


        Student leaders is club designed to give upperclassmen an opportunity to lead for a Physical Education class.  They assist with warm-ups, lead Wednesday core workouts, assist in the swim units, and help with equpiment.  However, most importantly they can aid a struggling student and are also good role models to their classmates, demonstrating good character and leadership skills. 

  • WHO can join??? Any Junior or Senior student can be a part of this club.  Each member MUST receive a recommendation from their current Physical Education teacher in order to lead the following school year.

  • - HOW do I join???  Discuss your interest with your current Physical Education teacher.  Then, based on your grade, participation, and overall, attidtude and behavior in class, your teacher can recommend you for the following year to Mrs. Kowalkowski.