• My intentions with the Automotive Technology club is to give interested students (current autos students or not) some time in the shop.  Our current focus is working on our project car.  We are in the assembly stage of our build. The vehicle is a 1993 Chevrolet S-10.  We are putting a 350 V8 engine in the truck with hopes to make 400HP.  This is a complete coversion from the stock V6 engine and we will be keeping the manual transmission.  Both club members and current autos students are doing all of the work in this project.  Along with the engine work, the project includes lots of fabrication, wiring, interior work! Stay tuned for updates and pictures!

  • All students are welcome even if you are not a current Autos students. My hopes is that you enjoy the club and take an Autos class!

  • Meetings are every Tuesday at 3:10  AFTER OCT. 20

  • Mr. Potvin