• 11.12.2019 Tuesday

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    November is Native American Heritage Month.  To celebrate, the library is featuring books with Native American characters, written by Native American authors, and/or nonfiction books about Native Americans.  Check one out today! – Ms. Caneva (11/29) 

    Speaker One: Dang it!  I'm so mad!
    Speaker Two:  What's wrong?
    Speaker One:  I want to check out a book from the library, but I can't.
    Speaker Two: Why not?
    Speaker One:  I have a fine.
    Speaker Two:  You know, they're doing this thing where you bring in some food, and they'll take away your fine.
    Speaker One:  What the what?
    Speaker Two:  It's true!  It's called Food for Fines!  Visit the library today with canned or boxed food, and they will waive your library fines.  Then you can check out that book you're so thirsty for.  And you're helping the community as the food goes to the local food pantry.
    Speaker One:  I'll be raiding my cabinet tonight!
    -Ms. Caneva (11/29)

    Hey, hey Key Clubbers!  Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 13, at 3:05 p.m. in Room 223. We will be making cards for Phil's Friends. Please come join us and bring your ID! - Ms. Kosanovic & Mrs. Sobieski (11/13)

    Hey Recyclers!  If you want to help keep East Leyden GREEN and earn some service hours, then join our recyclers for our next pick up Friday, November 15.  Drop your belongings off in Room 292 anytime between 2:30 - 3:30 and join our recyclers in the halls to pick up the paper and plastic.  Treats are always available when we are done.  Hope to see you there! - Ms. Bylinski (11/15) 

    The Italians are coming!  The Italians are coming!  Want to host an Italian student in your home this summer, and then go visit them in Italy next summer? Come see what the Italian Exchange Program is all about!  3 p.m., Tuesday, November 19, in Room 217. See you there.  Ciao! – Mr. Mitchell (11/19)


    Seniors, sign up in the Student Services Office, Room 120, to receive a pass to attend one of the following College Representative Visits.  You MUST sign up before the day of the visit:

    Northern Michigan University - 11/14/19, 9:26 a.m., Period 3
    Michigan Tech University - 11/15/19, 9:26 a.m., Period 3
    Eastern Illinois University – 11/18/19, 9:26 AM, Period 3
    National Louis University – 11/19/19, 1:42 PM, Period 10


    Attention all fall athletes. Athletic Awards Night is Wednesday, November 13 in the West Campus Auditorium at 6:30 p.m.  Please meet your coach there by 6:15.  The program will begin promptly.  Hope to see you there! – Athletic Office (11/13)

    The weight rooms at East & West Leyden are closed. The weight rooms will reopen Monday, November 18. – Athletic Office (11/18)

    Attention all girls interested in joining the Track & Field Team this year that are not currently in a winter sport. We will have a brief informational meeting Monday, November 18, in East Room 118 at 3 p.m. - Coaches Roman & Ramirez Franco (11/18)

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