• Leyden Cheerleading

    Leyden Cheerleading consists of two levels, Junior Varsity and Varsity. The Junior Varsity Team is coached by Ms. Cassie Lukehart and Ms. Maura Loftus. The Varsity Team is coached by Ms Dana Thomas and Ms Alicia Funes.

    Tryouts take place every April for the upcoming school year. If you are interested in trying out or would like to get more information about the program, please reach out to any of the coaches!


    Ms. Dana Thomas                       Ms. Alicia Funes                       Ms. Maura Loftus                       Ms. Cassie Lukehart

       dthomas@leyden212.org              afunes@leyden212.org            mloftus@leyden212.org                clukehart@leyden212.org