• Recieve instruction from experts.  Cut down trees



    Would you like to spend time in forest preserves & nature centers?


    Looking for a fun way to get your community service hours?


    An easy way to get the ‘E’ ‘G’ and ‘L’ in your ACCESS E.A.G.L.E.S. project?


    Are you interested in helping save and restore the natural

    environment of the area you live in?


    Would you like to be involved in ongoing wildlife research?


    Maybe you'd like to cut down a tree, or feed a bonfire?

    Want to learn more about the world of nature in Illinois?


    The ECOLOGY CLUB offers all of these opportunities and more.

    The ECOLOGY CLUB meets Mondays, at 3:05 in Room 101.  If you are interested, but cannot attend, contact Mr. Pozen.

  • Teamwork The Ecology Club is open to all students, Freshamen through Seniors.  In season athletes may still participate in field trips and activities if they are unable to attend meetings that conflict with practice or competition times.

  • Brookfield Zoo Shedd Aquarium Habitat Restoration The Ecology Club meets on Mondays at 3:05 in Room 101.

  • To join, contact Mr. Pozen at npozen.student.leyden212.org, or come to a meeting on Monday at 3:05 p.m. in Room 101.

  • The Ecology Club Sponsor is Mr. Pozen. Mr. Pozen may be reached by emailing npozen@student.leyden212.org.  You may also contact him by stoppping by Job Well Done! Room 101, or calling 847-451-3711.