• Orchesis is a performing dance group, focusing on various types of dance: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern and more.  Practice consists of both training in dance technique and rehearsal for upcoming performances. Another core focus of Orchesis is on learning and applying the elements of choreography. Dancers learn how to create dance pieces based on a theme using the elements of space, time and energy. 


    The dances performed throughout the year are primarily student, but also, director-choreographed. Participants select the music, type of dance, and lighting. In addition, students and directors create the majority of costumes using the music as inspiration.

  • Although Orchesis is not part of the school athletic program, dancers cannot perform if any grades are a D or below. For performances that require missing school days, students cannot be receiving a grade lower than a C. 

  • Orchesis meets Tuesday and Wednesdays from 3:45 - 5:45 in the East or West Dance Studio. Closer to performances, practices on Thursdays are added as well as daily tech rehearsals the two weeks prior to our Spring Showcase. Semester 1 of 2017 is at East, Semester 2 of 2018 is at West.

  • Orchesis holds tryouts once a year during the second week of school. There are two portions of the tryout. The first tryout is a brief hip hop dance, and the second tryout is a more intensive modern tryout. Both tryouts are choreographed and taught by the head coach and then judged by 3-5 faculty and dance experts based on a series of criteria. 

  • Stephanie Zeppetello: Head Coach/Fine Arts Director

    -Danced through Rolling Meadows Park District since age 3.

    -Dedicated member of Rolling Meadows High School Orchesis

    -Certified with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Education (Illinois State University)