• The Ski & Snowboard Club is open to all students regardless of your level of experience.  The club revolves around taking three ski/snowboard trips during the Winter months to various mountains in the area (Wisconsin).  These trips are usually on Saturdays.  Students who have never skied or snowboarded before are required to take a lesson during the first trip.  We receive reduced "group rates" when we visit each mountain.  Each student, however, pays for their own trip(s).  If a student owns their own equipment, then they can bring it on the trip and only pay for their "lift ticket".  If a student doesn't own their own equipment, then they pay extra to rent the equipment at the mountain.  Our meetings involve preparing for each trip, getting to know each other, learning about the fun sport of skiing/snowboarding, and having a blast building friendships and memories.  

  • Meetings will typically be held on announced Thursdays during 11th period in ROOM 139.

    The first meeting of the school year will be in October.  The exact date of the first meeting is to be determined.



  • Mrs. Marcy Kinnane is a teacher in the Mathematics Department at East Leyden High School.  She has been both a math teacher and the sponsor of the Ski & Snowboard Club since 2001.  Mrs Kinnane has been skiing since she was 8 years old, and enjoys helping "beginners" learn and excel at this brand new sport/hobby.  


    Email:  mkinnane@leyden212.org

    Phone Number:  (847) 451-3000 or (847) 451-3040